Our Food

At morFire, we strive whenever possible to obtain local and sustainable ingredients. Our pork, beef, and chicken are from the Pacific Northwest — pasture raised (pork and beef), cage-free (chicken), vegetarian fed with no-added hormones, and antibiotic free. Our eggs are sourced from local pasture raised chickens that are fed on a diet free of GMOs, soy, and corn. Soy and soybean products are non-GMO. We use organic and/or local vegetables upon availability.

Our Broths

Our seven broths are all home-made in in our kitchen from scratch with fresh ingredients (yes, we peel tons of fresh galangal weekly). The bones used in our bone-based broths are all sourced from pasture-raised animals, just like our other meat ingredients.

The fresh ingredients we use and the long-simmering process allows nuanced flavors to come out, while the broths remain light and clean. These broths serve as a perfect base for the actual cooking process at the hot pot table. As diners add in vegetables, meat, seafood, etc., the broths gradually take on an umami-rich flavor over the course of the meal.

Our Sauces

Like the broths our sauces are all made in house from scratch (yes, we make our own dashi, we de-stem our chilis). They are the key to the real Thai Hot Pot experience. You can’t skip it. After picking stuff from the shared pot into their soup bowl, diners add a dash (or a deluge) of their preferred sauce into their little bowl of soup (or even each bite!). The sauces take the Hot Pot to another level of yumminess.

Learn more about our 7 sauces