about us

In the past couple decades, Thai food has made its way into one of the common cuisines in the US, especially in Seattle where there are hundreds of Thai restaurants. The common Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Green/Red/Panang Curry, Tom Yum Goong, are available virtually everywhere and even special food from specific regions of Thailand such as Kao Soi of the North or Crying Tiger of the Northeast can be found in a handful of Thai restaurants. But there's been one type of the Thai cuisines missing from the area, Thai hot pot, which is also locally called "Suki" ( สุกี้). In Thailand, Thai hot pot places can be found in almost every big malls and city centers. Although the weather is generally very hot, Thai hot pot places usually have AC blasting, cooling the air and making it a fitting environment for making hot bowls of soup freshly from a boiling pot. Hot Pot has been a staple way of eating in Asian cultures for centuries. There is something special about the way people cooking fresh ingredients and eating them together throughout the meal. One major factor that distinguish Thai hot pot from Japanese or Chinese hot pot is the Thai hot pot sauces and broths that create the unique taste which is unmistakable to Thai people or anyone who has it before.

After years of waiting for the coming of a Thai hot pot place, a group of us from three families of long-time closed friends, have joined together ourselves to proudly bring it to Capitol Hill to share the joy and unique taste of Thai hot pot with everyone to experience. Even though Thai hot pot is our focus, however, we also offer our take on the popular Japanese and Chinese styles that we and many people love as well.

As morfire, we consider ourselves a family business where each of the co-owners brings something to the table. Amy brings almost 20 years of the restaurant manager experience while Ann, her sister, has extensive experiences in accounting from her own family's small business. Taup is the general manager at Rock Box in Capitol Hill and part owner of Rabbit Hole in Belltown. She brings invaluable business and people skills and know-hows while her partner, June who worked over 20 years at Thai Airway, brings top-notch servicing experience . B and Jan are a couple of a software engineer and an architect with no previous restaurant experience, but B helped with the tech stuff and the web site, while Jan designed the entire interior space and oversaw the construction of morfire. The one thing that brought us together, of course, is the love of hot pot.

And in these days and ages when eating healthy has been in the minds of many people, including us, we are proud to be able to say that we use no-hormone beef and pork, no-antibiotic chicken, house-made meatball, house-made broths and sauces with no MSG and other additives added and a whole lot of fresh vegetables. We choose to make our hot pot experience dynamic and flexible so all broths and sauces are complimentary to a la carte orders of various meats and veggies to choose from. We also have gluten-free and vegan options available.

In addition to the main offering of hot pot, we also have a set of appetizers to choose from in the small plate section and the signature item is "Look Chin Ping" - house-made pork or beef meatballs on skewers, served with a house-made authentic sweet chili tamarind sauce. In lunch setting or when time is limited, we also offer a single larger plate with options of Thai Fried Rice, Stir-fry hot pot plate, and made-for-you hot pot bowl. For beverages, we have full bar and our seasonal cocktail menu is specially crafted and include varieties of unique drinks, with Hibiscus Sour as the most favorite.

At Morfire, hot pot - small plates - cocktails, we bring them all together to offer a distinguished experience in a cozy, family-friendly, and uniquely designed space in Capitol Hill at 1806 12th Ave, Seattle. We hope this will be a place where you can tell your friends and families that if they like hot pot or want to try one, this is a place to go to.